Calendar of celebrations and events in São Paulo

When you visit São Paulo, there are numerous leisure and entertainment options, some of them happen every year, such as the typical Oriental, Italian and German festivals, as well as cultural and sporting events that are promoted annually.

Some events are already scheduled and you can decide in advance in which one you want to go, if you visit the city during these periods.

On January 25, São Paulo anniversary celebration, there are many cultural programs, presentations and events, spread throughout the city in parks, theaters, museums, streets and cultural spaces.

In February the carnival will be on the 13th, but the street carnival blocks have programming scheduled since February 3, when the animation begins with lots of revelry, music and costumes.The schedule will officially be able on the website. However it is possible to verify in advance in some websites.

On February 09 and 10, at Sambódromo do Anhembi happen the parade of special group of samba schools and on February 11 the parade of access group of samba schools, get the tickets by the website or directly in the Sambódromo.

In March on the 23th, 24th and 25th the Lollapalooza music festival will be held at the Autodromo de Interlagos, with a lot of rock, heavy metal and punk rock, check in the website.

In April, normally on the first week of the month, at Praça da Liberdade , happens the festival of flowers, Hanamatsuri, a typical celebration of Japanese culture in the Liberdade district, where the birth of Buddha is celebrated. The flowers symbolize the garden where Buddha was born. The party starts on a Monday and ends on Saturday. An altar is arranged with flowers in which people can bathe Child Buddha, with a sweet tea, symbolizing a cleansing ritual, where people can thank, make requests and purify themselves.

In May, at the weekends, the Italian celebration of N. Sra. Casaluce takes place at the Brás district, in the Caetano Pinto Street, Parish N.Sa. Casaluce, with traditional Italian cuisine.

Also in May, the typical German celebration Maifest takes place on a weekend in May, in the quadrilateral of the Joaquim Nabuco, Barão do Triunfo, Princesa Isabel and Bernardino de Campos streets, in the Brooklin district.

On May 19 and 20, the Virada Cultural takes place in the city, promoting a lot of music, plays and exhibitions during the weekend.

On June 03 will happen the 22nd LGBT Pride Parade, with the theme “2018 Brazilian general election”, at Paulista Avenue since 10am.

In June there are also the celebrations of Festa Junina, very typical in Brazil; these celebrations happens in many places of the city such as parks, clubs, cultural centers and parishes and São Paulo has also the Italian party of São Vito at Poligano A’mare Street – Brás district.

In July is the turn of the Japanese festivals. From July 20 to 22 happens at SP Expo, Km 1,5 of the Immigrants’ Highway, the Japan’s Festival, with presentations, shows, cooking, Japanese culture exhibitions. On July first week, at Liberdade district, the Feast of Tanabata Matsuri, festival of stars, based on a Japanese legend, in which orders are made in tanzakus and hung on bamboos distributed by the square.

On July 9 is a holiday in the city, the anniversary of the Constitutionalist Revolution is celebrated.

In August, on weekends, another Italian party happens, N.Sa. Achiropita, on Treze de Maio Street, in the Bela Vista district, with lots of Italian music and always the cuisine present.

In September the Italian festivities end with the famous party of San Gennaro on the weekends, in the neighborhood of Moóca on San Gennaro Street, with many Italian cuisine.

On September 7, the Independence Day of Brazil. The celebrations happen with parades in the Sambódromo do Anhembi and festivities in the Independence Park.

In September, there is usually a sporting turn in the city with schedules scattered throughout the public spaces and parks of the city, encompassing various sports practices.

October is the time of the German festivals. The traditional BrooklinFest normally happens on the penultimate weekend of October in the quadrilateral of the Joaquim Nabuco, Barão do Triunfo, Princesa Isabel and Bernardino Campos Streets. We will wait for the 2nd. São Paulo Oktoberfest which had its first edition in Sambódromo do Anhembi in 2017; a German festival with lots of music and beer.

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It is also in October that the International Film Festival is held, where a selection of contemporary films are shown, in many cultural spaces, museums, movie theaters and outdoors.

In November, the Brazilian Grand Prix takes place on the 11th at the Interlagos circuit.

On November 20 is a holiday in the city, the Black Consciousness Day is celebrated.

In December, the Toyo Matsuri festival, Asian Festival, will be held at Praça da Liberdade, starting the year-end festivities with concerts, dances and performances, and Moti Tsuri on December 31, with the traditional distribution of rice cakes meaning peace and prosperity.

Also on December 31, the traditional São Silvestre Road Race wakes up the city and takes place around 8 am starting at Paulista Ave and the traditional Revéillon feast at the Avenue ends the year with much excitement and vibrancy for the new year.