10 things to do in SP

As New York, São Paulo is also a city that never sleeps. The city offers the most diverse options; it is even difficult to choose what kind of tour to do in the city during a visit. But, be calm, we are here to help you with tips of what to do in the city of drizzle.

The Ibirapuera Park, affectionately nicknamed Ibira, is the beloved SP Park and one of the city’s postcards. If you’re in the city, it’s worth a quick visit, and take a photo in front of the Monumento às Bandeiras, or take a few hours to walk in the park drinking coconut water and perhaps checking out the museums that are scattered there, the planetarium, theater, skateboard track and everything that ibira has to offer.

Paulista Avenue
To come to SP and not to go to the most famous São Paulo´s Avenue is not to visit SP. It is a very good place, there are restaurants, shops, malls, cinemas, street performers and on Sundays it is closed for the cars, for people to walk there quietly.
It is worth going to Paulista Ave to have an experience of how busy life is in São Paulo and, who knows, to do some shopping, have lunch in a delicious restaurant or see the works of art in MASP, which is a postcard inside another postcard which is the avenue itself!

Pateo do Collegio
Undoubtedly this is the most important historical place of the city, because was in the Pateo do Collegio that São Paulo started to grow and, besides, going to the Pateo do Collegio it is possible to know the old center of SP.
And for those who like exhibition, inside the building has a museum of sacred art.

Sé Cathedral
If you are visiting Pateo do Collegio, it is worthwhile to stretch the walk a little bit to the Sé Cathedral, which is beautiful inside and outside, also take the opportunity to see the ground zero that is right in front of the Cathedral, in Praça da Sé (Sé Square).

Ipiranga Museum
Another historical tourist attraction is the Ipiranga Museum, it was there that D. Pedro I proclaimed the Independence of Brazil. It is true that the museum is closed, which is expected to reopen only in 2022, but even so it is worth knowing the place, besides the historical importance has a gourgeous garden, great for sports.

Beco do Batman (Batman’s Alley)
The Batman’s Alley is an open-air gallery filled with colorful graffiti on the walls and in addition to enjoying art take some photos the place is a great scenario for amazing pictures.

Vila Madalena
Anyone who has already heard about the São Paulo’s nightlife has certainly heard about Vila Madalena, one of the most bohemian neighborhoods in the city. If you are a fan of a good beer, you have to go to some bar in “Vila Mada”, preferably at the famous intersection of Aspicuelta and Mourato Coelho Streets.

Augusta Street
Another famous place by the nightlife is Augusta Street, which is simpler than Vila Madalena, with a more alternative crowd and cheaper drinks. The street is a crossroad of Paulista Avenue; so if you pay a nightly visit to the avenue, take the time to enjoy Augusta Street.

Copan Building
The Copan is touristy less explored and less talked about than it should be when it refers to São Paulo. In addition it is a work of the renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer, at the top of the beautiful and curved building you can have an incredible panoramic view of the city!

Liberdade District
Liberdade is a very charming oriental district of SP, with oriental-shaped lamps decorating the streets and many other references mainly to Japan. There are many nice shops of oriental products, a famous craft fair on the square on Saturdays and Sundays as well as typical oriental feasts on specific dates and during the night many Karaoke options.