Popular shopping regions in São Paulo

The popular shopping streets in SP are highly sought after, mainly by tourists visiting the capital.

There are regions directed to those who want to buy audio, video, computer equipment, textiles and fashion items; there are also places where you can buy food and functional foods and a street only for brides.
Close to Christmas and new year hollidays, these regions usually get crowded, not only for personal purchases but also for those who wants buy products to resale, the prices are very good.
But shopping in those places needs patience and some tips are important to not turn your shopping into a nightmare.

If you can, go there by public transportation, but anyway, whatever your goal, it’s always good to get there early.

As in any place with crowds be aware of your belongings, bags and backpacks should be carried in front of the body, shoes should be comfortable because is a big walk, bring a water bottle and more importantly: focus on what you will buy to not to get home with a lot of things you will never need.
We will indicate here the way of arriving quickly, that is to say, the nearest subway stations and we will list some main streets and their local commerce.

José Paulino Street and surroundings (casual, classic and party fashion).
The garments are purchased directly from the manufacturers and therefore the prices are lower. There are many shops in many streets around with beautiful clothes for retail or wholesale.
The Luz subway station, on the blue line, is the closest one, but since this station has many exits, get the information with subway employees which way is closest to the shopping streets. See our post about José Paulino Street and Bom Retiro region.

Brás Region (fashion and textile confections).
The Brás Region is the most suitable for those who want to resell. There are many options of, casual, classic, bed, table, bath and lingerie fashion.
There is also the possibility of buying in retail.
The Brás subway station, on the red line, is the nearest.
Check out our post about shopping in the Brás region.

25 de Março Street (accessories, gifts, haberdashery, party supplies).
The region of 25 de Março Street is famous for the many options of gifts, accessories, jewelry and also articles for parties decoration and commemorative dates. With the closeness of the Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the streets become crowded!
The nearest subway stations are Luz and São Bento (Ladeira Porto Geral exit), on the blue line.
We already publish the main tips about 25 de Março Street, check it out.

Santa Ifigênia Street (electronics, computers, audio, video, lighting, photographic and musical equipment).
This is for those who like sound, image and the latest trends in electronics and computing.
A paradise for those who want the latest, when the subject is technology.
The access is by the São Bento subway station, blue line. Leaving by Largo São Bento head towards the Santa Ifigênia Viaduct – take the advantage to get to know this São Paulo tourist attraction!
You will come across dozens of stores with lots of options ranging from electronic equipment, photographic, cellular, computer to the most varied types of accessories, where you can find from that small broken piece of your equipment, to the latest equipment generation.
There are many hotels near this region, and if you want to take a little stretch after shopping, go through Ipiranga Avenue towards Republic Square and get to know the Brahma Bar on the corner of Ipiranga Avenue and São João Avenue.

Cereal Region (functional foods, warehouse, dairy products, cereals)
The access is close to the D. Pedro II subway station, on the red line.
The Santa Rosa Street and Mercúrio Avenue are the main addresses. There we find many warehouses offering products per kilo such as spices, functional foods, teas, cereals, grains, oilseeds and a myriad of other products that are difficult to find in a common supermarket chain.
Also, the prices are lower than we found in supermarkets.
Some warehouses open at 6am, like the Camanducaia, but most open around 8am.

São Caetano Street (brides)
The brides also have a street in São Paulo totally dedicated to them.
Are wedding dresses in national and imported collections, accessories and fiancé garments, as well as designers in case the bride wants a special model; dress rentals are also offered.
As the service is for a specific audience there is no agglomeration, just go there and spend hours researching a model for your special day.
São Caetano Street is located between the Luz and Tiradentes subway stations, about ten minutes walk from them.

Gasômetro Street (woods, decoration).
For those who are reforming, this is the place.
The Gasômetro Street is famous for being the place where we find wood and hardware, but has also shops that sell furniture for decoration.
There are lots of locations for joiners and we also find partitions, windows, niches, counters and mostly doors of all patterns and types.
To get there the easiest way is by the Brás subway station, on the red line.

Although some places are crowded the saving worthwhile and you will definitely want to come back!