Learn how to purchase and use the tickets of public transport in São Paulo.

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In addition to the counters to buy subway tickets, at some subway stations there are counters to buy or recharge the subway cards and also individual machines to recharge the cards that accept bank cards or cash. These machines do not accept coins.

The subway fare is 3.80 BRL per stretch, regardless of distance traveled.

The paper ticket, valid only on the subway, is sold at the blue cabin; the card is sold at the yellow cabin that currently there is only in a few stations.


Currently the paper ticket is valid for just one trip, there are no multiple or integrated paper tickets, for this you can get the card called “Bilhete Único”, it is a rechargeable card that can be used in bus, subway and train, or the “Cartão Fidelidade” (loyalty card), which only serves the subway and gives discounts depending on the number of trips that will do.

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The other tickets available can be advantageous only for those who live in the city or will stay here for a long time.

Using the card “Bilhete Único” you can make 4 trips of bus within the period of 3 hours paying the price of one trip. If you use the subway or train within the first two hours of this period will pay the amount of 2.12 BRL which is the difference to complete the value of the integrated fare.

For those who will only use the subway the Catão Fidelidade (loyalty card) has discounts for 8, 20 or 50 trips, the cost of the card is 2.00 BRL. Get the Cartão Fidelidade at the “Bilhete Único” recharge cabins.

These are the discounts:
08 trips – cost per trip from 3.8 BRL by 3.60 BRL
20 trips – cost per trip from 3.8 BRL by 3.50 BRL
50 trips – cost per trip from 3.8 BRL by 3.40 BRL
The range of use is at least 10 minutes

For people who are visiting the city there is the option to buy the Bilhete Único Anônimo (anonymous Bilhete Único) (without registration). The cost of the card is 22.80 BRL – five trips of 3.80 BRL adding the price of the card. It can be found in the Authorized stations.
Check the SPTrans website.


How to use the recharge card terminals.

You can recharge the cards at the recharge cabins or at the recharge machines available at the subway stations.

There are many different machines at the stations, see some examples.

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Currently, not all stations have cabin to recharge or machines.

All terminals accept cash and debt cards to recharge. Coins are not accepted, for this you must go to a cabin.

Some machines fully collect your card, but don’t be afraid, at the end of the operation it will be returned, you can choose the language to be able to make the recharge, Portuguese, English or Spanish.

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Note: The values informed here are related to August/2016. Check on the SPtrans website before use the service to verify if changes ocurred.

Map of the São Paulo’s subway

 mapa do metro