São Paulo receives a surprise gift in its 464th anniversary; the Farol Santander.

One of the symbols of São Paulo, the most beloved lookout in the city, will be back on the city’s 464th anniversary!

The old Altino Arantes Building, affectionately called Banespão, returns, after 3 years closed for renovations, with new proposals and promises many surprises. And nothing like a special day for the city, its anniversary, so that this important symbol of São Paulo returns full of surprises and with a new name, will be called Farol Santander (Santander Lighthouse)!

Its interior promises great news to be revealed on the next January 20, meanwhile we will be waiting what this gift reserves for the city!

It seems that will be a surprising cultural center, with many objects and works of art by renowned artists such as Di Cavalcante, Cândido Portinari, Iberê Camargo, Tomie Ohtake. Now we have to wait for its inauguration to prestige this tourist attraction that will provide a new look on the center of São Paulo.

This novelty will agitate the city and will yield many photos from the top of its 36 floors!

Keep up with all the news, schedules and address.

Watch the opening video.

How to get to Farol Santander?
Get off at São Bento subway station, on the blue line, at the exit of São Bento Street or Boa Vista Street, following one of these streets you will arrive at Edifício Farol Santander at 24, João Brícola Street.

Take the opportunity to enjoy the other attractions that the city offers and get to know the São Paulo’s downtown!