About us

About us and about the blog

We are a family from São Paulo descendants of Italians, Spanishes, Portugueses, Natives and Africans who settled in São Paulo’s countryside and Minas Gerais and sometime later moved to São Paulo’s capital.

We want to be your guide in SP, this city that looks like giant for the most of the tourists and foreigners.

What do you need to know when visit São Paulo?

Maybe, this huge city can scary a little bit at the beginning, and the very first doubts are about transportation, how go to interesting places, where you can find things that you are looking for, where you can shopping, cultural life, tours, restaurants, night life and how carefully you have to be when you walk around the city to enjoy the best of São Paulo (or Sampa, a lovely nickname for the city).

Thinking about that we created this blog to help you to feel comfortable when visit this city that receives everybody with an open heart. You will always be welcome, no matter if you are a tourist or if you are visiting for business.

Therefore, you can trust us. Here you will find all the information you need to have a great stay in a very friendly city.

Welcome to São Paulo, the city that also never sleeps!